Well That’s A New One!

A list of some words and sayings I had to ask for explanations for while I was in New Zealand. They are not all necessarily New Zealand sayings, rather I just heard them said while I was there.

Pear shaped -> Go sideways, get out of hand.

Kia Ora -> Hello.

Sweet as -> That’s it just sweet as. Unless they get excited then they might throw in a bro at the end.

Tarpaulin -> Tarp. This is what a tarp is actually called.

Partner -> Applies to all couples.

Tyres -> How they spell tire.

Aluminium -> How they spell and say aluminum.

Toilet -> The bathroom.

Long drop -> Outhouse/Porta-potty. After-all, it is a long drop….

Guard Bail -> Guard rail.

Fork hoist -> Fork lift.

Windscreen -> Windshield.

Boot -> Trunk of a car.

Choice -> Awesome.

Chilly bin -> A cooler for beer.

Heaps -> A lot of something.

Torch -> Flashlight.

Mince -> Instead of ground beef they have minced beef, or just mince.



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