Abel Tasman

Sun was supposed to be in the forecast for today but mainly we got rain.

This did not stop us from doing quite a lengthy walk. To get to our walk today we did things a little differently. Instead of hopping in the car we were renting and driving to the start of the track we had a bus come and pick us up right from the hostel. The bus drove us up the road to a place called Kaiteriteri. It was here that we were issued tickets for the boat that would then ferry us out to Medlands Beach. On the way we stopped at Split Apple Rock which is a large round rock that is cracked in half sitting on a pile of stones in one of the bays. We also stopped at an island that had a colony of fur seals that lives on it. In just a short pass we saw probably around ten seals.

Now in fairness it did not rain all day. It really didn’t start raining until we were about half way to our drop off spot. We weren’t too concerned about the rain because we were told that most of our walk would be in a forrest and the trees would protect us from any light showers.

I have no doubts that the forrest would have protected us, if it had been a “light shower”. It seemed to be a little more towards a “heavy rain” thus the trees just simply weren’t strong enough to hold back the rain. In short we got quite wet on this 4 hour walk. Even though we did get wet it was still a very cool walk.

First we headed in the wrong direction to go look at Bark Bay which was pretty cool. Don’t worry, we did it on purpose, the guide who told us to go there also made sure we understood we had to turn around and come back in order to make it to our proper destination. From Bark Bay it was a quick 180 degree turn to head back the direction we came from, which would take us  along the middle portion of the Abel Tasman Walking Track and eventually to Anchorage Bay which is where we would get picked up by the boat in about 5 hours. So we had around 12 km to walk plus a little 40 minute detour to a cool little spot where we made a friend, all to do in those 5 hours.

Piece of cake.

This walk was a little bit hilly but not too bad considering being in New Zealand. There wasn’t anything crazy amazing about this walk but it was still quite beautiful and had some really spectacular views looking out into multiple bays along the path. There was also a suspension bridge along the way which is always a fun time when walking with someone who doesn’t particularly like them.

After about 3 hours of walking we made it to the point where we left the main track and made our way to Cleopatra Pools. We had to climb over some rocks and quite a large fallen tree to get to the actual Cleopatra Pools. Pretty much as soon as we got there a duck came flying in and landed in the pool right in front of us. I had my GoPro on the extended stick and was filming under water. The duck started to swim towards me and I slowly lifted the GoPro out of the water and he slowly turned around a swam a safe distance away. We did this 3 or 4 times before I stoped with the GoPro and just let him do what he wanted.


He jumped out of the water and wattled straight over to Alanna. She got close enough that she could try to pet him, although when she did actually end up touching him he let out quite the honk and jumped back into the water.

He didn’t stay away for long though. He did a circle around the rock we were standing by and then jumped back out of the water again. We tried to get him to come right up to us but he always kept a foot or so back from our outstretched hands. After about 10 minutes of this we decided to head back to the main track.

To our surprise, as we walked away the duck followed us! He waddled his way across the rocks and up the bank to the spot we had to climb across the big rocks and the large tree. We made our way across and he stood there surveying the area. Looking as though he was trying to figure out how he was going to get across too. Once we were across we started calling him to follow. “Come on Mr. Ducky”. The scary part was, he listened! He launched himself into the air and flew across to land in the water just below our feet. He then jumped up on the bank and walked with us again up the track a little longer. It was quite funny.

We then said our goodbye’s as we were getting hungry and we still had about 3km to go to get to Anchorage Bay. The last bit was probably the hardest. We had to climb up a bit of a mountain to get to the other side where the bay was. It ended up being about 200m incline over about a half hour period. Then it was a slick climb all the way back down the other side. Had it not been raining all day it would not have been much of a problem, but with the rain it made for a bit of a slippery slope.

An hour later, and still an hour to spare before our boat was due to pick us up, we had made it to Anchorage Bay. A short exploration of the beach then lead us to find a spot on the beach for some lunch.

About a half hour after finishing our lunch, and having seen a few birds dive bomb into the water of the bay to attempt to catch fish (this was cool as it was something I had only seen on Discovery Channel and never thought I would se it in person), our boat had arrived to take us back to Kaiteriteri.


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