Didn’t Even Die…..

Remember that time we almost died….but we didn’t?


If you ever go to Cathedral Caves in New Zealand make sure you bring some shorts, and maybe a snorkel and some goggles if you want to see the other caves around the corner.

Okay well it wasn’t that bad but shorts would have been a decent idea.

After we looked at the main caves that are called The Cathedral Caves we decided to go around the corner and see some other caves, which are not The Cathedral Caves (as the lady at the gate made sure we understood). It was low tide because you can only go to Cathedral Caves at low tide and because the ever helpful lady at the gate told us it was low tide. She also was the one that told us about the caves around the corner. She said we would get wet but that we could get there if we wanted to.

Alanna decided to take her shoes off and carry them and a few other things, like her phone, in her hands. I decided I was going to leave my shoes and pants on, roll up the legs to just above my knee, and leave the stuff in my pockets because the water wasn’t going to get that high anyway.

With shoes in her hand and me holding up my pant-legs we started walking through the roughly knee high water. Already I was slightly regretting some of my decisions. The initial part of the walk through the edge of the ocean was fine. The water was staying low enough and we were moving along nicely. Then, well……watch the video.

So yeah….. Rolling up the pants did not make much of a difference seeing as how the water ended up at my bellybutton. Also holding things like my phone, wallet, and GoPro batteries in my hand, above my head like Alanna did, rather than leaving them in my pocket, might have been a good idea. Or I could have left them in the car from the beginning. Turns out I didn’t need my wallet, with only credit cards in it, on the beach where the closest town is over half an hour away. Who woulda guessed?

By the way turning around and seeing Alanna in waist deep water holding her shoes and phone above her head was actually quite funny….you probably had to be there. That was until I realized she was not enjoying the ocean bath as much as I was. With a few words of encouragement, and a few not so encouraging words, we both did make it to the other side relatively unharmed. Alanna maybe a little more scared from the events than I was….

But hey! We didn’t even die! So it’s all good…..right?

Just so you know the walk back was less eventful as the ocean cooperated a lot better and we decided to link arms as we walked back. In hindsight, probably should have done that on the way there too.

And just to clarify…there were fur seals and then penguins at the end of the video. I wasn’t just taking videos of the rocks!

Hope all is well in your world!

Take care!


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